How do I access technical support?

All support is provided via email to our technical support department ([email protected])

Please note, that inline with e-commerce industry standards we do not handle any technical support requests via phone or via Live Chat facility.

We aim to respond to all initial requests for support within 2 working days. Please be mindful that this might take longer during busy periods

Please note that when submitting your request, please provide as much information as possible to allow us to fully diagnose the issue and provide you with a fast response.

Listed for your convenience are examples of the type of information we require to facilitate resolution of issues. Please note that the list in none exhaustive

  • Full description of the issue you are facing
  • Details on how the device has been configured
  • Screenshots of the device’s settings appearing as they appear on your Hub
  • Photos of how you have the device wired or physically installed
  • Details on any additional hardware connected
  • Information of any associations, pairings or scenes that may be controlling the device

Should we not be able to resolve the issue, we will try our best to forward the problem with the manufacturers technical support team or refer you to their remote support facility.

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