How to ensure smooth and safe operation of smart locks

  • Make sure the batteries are not drained and that the lock is responding. If the batteries are dead, the related app will always report the last known state of the lock.
  • Ensure that the lock is within the current range of your Hub. Your lock may be too far away to send commands to the Hub. To confirm whether this is the case, try unlocking or locking the door lock from your app to see if it responds. If not, you may need to relocate the Hub or install other Z-Wave devices to extend the range of your network.
  • Make sure your Hub is plugged in and receiving an internet connection. Additionally, make sure your smartphone has a solid connection so that changes and updates from the Hub can be sent to the phone.
  • During the connection process, an extra layer of “handshaking” between the Hub and the lock occurs. This happens automatically when connecting a lock. If your lock does not correctly report its status, it’s likely that it only partially connected or an association (also known as a secure inclusion) failed during the connection process. Remove and reconnect your lock to the Hub in order to attempt the association again.
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