Smart devices explained


Motion Sensor

Presence or motion sensors detect if someone is in the room and can be used to action a number of applications such as turning on light

Window & Door Contacts

Know if your doors, windows and cabinets are open or closed no matter where you are.

Flood Sensor

Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and near appliances prone to flooding. Alerts you at the first sign of water flooding, whether that be through a burst pipe or water heater damage.

Smoke Detector

Guards against the breakout of fire within your home and keeps you and your family safe.


Smart Plug

Turn a regular outlet into a smart outlet with a smart plug. So you can manage lights, electronics and appliances using the app.

If you want to keep the switch you have, choose a relay that installs inside an existing switch.

Light and Dimmer Switch

Smart lights and dimmer switches allow you to manage the status of your lights directly from the app. Access to multiple dimmer settings helps you set the mood for special events.

Shut-off Valve

Stop leaks before they become bigger issues by automatically shutting off the water to your house when flood sensor is activated.

Energy Meter

Measures and monitors energy consumption, reports usage statistics and uncovers energy-saving potential.

Door Lock

Lets guests in while you are away and receive updates when the status of your lock changes through the app. You can set up a smart access system and monitor who enters and leaves your home through the app.


Control your A/C system with a wireless thermostat and an actuator. The actuator connects into the electrical box inside your overhead main A/C fan motor unit. The wireless thermostat can be placed anywhere.

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