Viewing Amaryllo cam from browser/ Create viewer privileges

You can create a viewer account of your camera to share it with other users with a limited access such as “live streaming privilege” only. With viewer privileges, the user cannot change the device settings, nor receive notifications, or access to the cloud.
To create/remove a viewer, go to (iOS – Setting->MISCELLANEOUS/Viewers list, Android – Setting->Viewer/Views list).
There are different types of viewers :
a. App – The viewer is for mobile device use. A QR code will be generated for the new viewer and he will need to follow the procedure below to transfer the viewer privilege to the new phone – From the new phone, go to “installation methods” page (if the new phone hasn’t installed any devices, this is the default page, otherwise choose “Add camera” to go to this page. Choose “Retrieve access of an installed device” to scan the generated QR code.
b. Browser (Single) – A pair of AMID/passcode will be generated for the viewer. User can visit and sign in with this AMID/passcode to access the device.
c. Browser (Multiple) – Same as Browser (Single) except that with this type, the AMID/passcode pair can be used on different PCs/Browsers, while Browser(Single) viewer only allows access on single PC.

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