What are the blockout area and activity zone on Amaryllo cams ? How to setup ?

You can set home position and blockout/activity areas from the app’s live view screen, by selecting the “set home position” icon (the icon with vertical downward arrow” sign). By drawing blockout areas, you block out those areas you are not interested in, ignoring all the events happening in those areas.
By drawing activity zones, you specify those zones you are interested in. The device will only report on events happening in these zones.
Only one type of area can be drawn on the screen, and up to 4 areas are allowed.
To switch between different blockout areas and activity zones, please go to (iOS: Settings->ALERT/Alert Zones->Mode, Android: Settings->Alert detection->Alert Zones/Mode).
Blockout areas and activity zones will be effective only at the “home position”. You will get an “activity alert” if there are any events (excluding those, which have been filtered out) been detected when blockout areas/activity zones are effective.

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