What does HomeIQ technical support cover?

At HomeIQ and in our capacity as reseller, we rigorously test the reliability and compatibility of all devices sold through our website to ensure that any technical issues that our customer are likely to face are kept to a minimum. We do appreciate however that from time to time issues might arise where assistance will be required.  Listed below for your convenience, inclusions and exclusions to what is covered in under our technical support policy.

What our technical support covers

  • Basic configuration support for all products that are sold through our website
  • Remote technical support for systems that have been installed by us
  • Configuration guides and information in our Troubleshooting and Video tutorials
  • General advice on how to get our devices working with other generic devices types
  • Solutions to common questions through our FAQ section

What our technical support does not cover

 Issues arising from self or 3rd party installation of Hubs and smart devices other than what is listed in our Guides and Troubleshooting notes

  • Detailed configuration of settings or installation.
  • Reconfiguration of settings post installation and configuration by our team for existing or new devices
  • Devices that have been purchased from or installed by other vendors- please contact your installer for support
  • Programming or debugging complex scenes and automation rules or triggers
  • Detailed diagnostics or troubleshooting of home Internet or Wifi network issues.
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