What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is the international standard for wireless communication that is specifically designed for smart home or home automation systems.

It works much like Wi-Fi does, but uses low-power RF radio embedded into smart electronic devices, such as lights, locks, thermostats, sensors, and more.

An Internet connected Hub that also lets smart devices talk to one another centrally controls these devices. Z-Wave operates wirelessly and securely and devices can be easily accessed and remotely controlled through your Smart phone App, tablet or PC.


  • All Z-Wave devices are compatible with each other and are capable of working together through a single network – independently from age, brand and manufacturer. So even if a device becomes no longer available you can substitute it with another compatible device from another manufacturer.
  • The Z-Wave Alliance is formed by more than 300 different smart devices manufacturer and is implemented across more than 1,300 different products. The Z-Wave label ensures that all these products work together and form the world largest eco system of wireless home network controls. This provides users with the largest choice of smart devices from an ever-growing number of different products.
  • Range and security : Besides using radio frequency that can penetrate walls effectively, each Z-Wave device that is mains powered effectively acts as a router for all other devices, much like a Wifi repeater. This ensures high reliability and allows the Hub to communicate between different devices that are 25m apart in an inside environment and up to 100m when placed outdoor.
  • Z-Wave uses a standard line encoding and for high security applications such as electronic door locks or roof windows. In fact 9 out of 10 leading security companies in the U.S. use Z-Wave in their home security systems.

More information about the Z-Wave technology can be found online:

Adopted frequency for devices sold through HomeIQ

Z-Wave uses various frequencies in different part of the world. While North America adopts the ISM (Industry Science Medicine) Frequency band of 908 MHz, all European Countries including the Middle East and most of the Asian countries use the so called SRD (Short Range Device) Band with the frequency of 868.42 MHz.

We only sell and support Z-Wave devices that are certified by the Z-Wave Alliance and use the European frequency band of 868.42 MHz.

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