Fibaro Roller Shutter 2


Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 is an advanced controller of electric roller blinds, awnings, venetian blinds and garage gates. The module can control any device that is powered by an AC electric motor. Huge versatility in choice of controlled devices, extremely small dimensions, and limit switches calibration make Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 the most advanced Z-Wave device of that type available on the market. In addition, new version of Fibaro Roller Shutter features the Power Metering functionality.

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Product Description

  • Wireless control of any AC Motor
  • Precise positioning of blind or awning
  • Automatic calibration
  • Supports five different types of motor system
  • Monitor and analyse energy usage

Technical Specs

  • Wireless: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)
  • Voltage: 110 - 240V, 50Hz
  • Wiring: Requires neutral
  • Maximum load: 1,000W - 4.3A (230V AC)
    • 4,2 A for Lamps and resistive load
    • 1,7 A for motors and inductive loads
  • Power Consumption: < 0.8W
  • Wireless Range: up to 50 m (Outdoor) and 30 m (Indoor)
  • Z-Wave Range Tester (LED indicator)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 42 x 37 x 17mm

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