Fibaro Smoke Sensor


Get total peace of mind with this smart smoke sensor that sounds an alarm and sends alerts to your smartphone if fire or smoke is detected or the batteries run low. The sensor can also trigger other actions such as closing windows or switch your A/C off to starve the fire of oxygen. The sensor also has a ‘black box’ that reports and record smoke and temperature readouts for the purposes of investigating the cause of a fire.

With this sensor you can;
– Get mobile notifications if alarm goes off or the batteries run low
– Switch off your A/C and close your windows to starve fire out of oxygen
– Get warning if excess temperatures are detected confirming presence of fire
– Roll up blinds, illuminate escape routes or open garage door in case of fire

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Product Description

  • Compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave+ Controller
  • Supports protected mode (Z-Wave network security mode) with AES-128 encryption
  • Extremely easy installation – simply install it in location prone to fire.
  • Battery powered
  • 3 levels of sensors sensitivity
  • Built-in casing opening detector
  • Alarm is signalled by sound, visual indicator and Z-Wave control command
  • Programmable excess temperature warning
  • Automatic test performed every 10 seconds


Technical Specs

Battery Type: CR123A
Compliance with: EN 14604:2005
Radio protocol: Z-Wave
Radio frequency: 868,4 or 869,8 MHz EU; 908,4 or 916 MHz US; 921,4 or 919,8 MHz ANZ; 869 MHz RU;
Range: up to 50m outdoors up to 30m indoors (depending on terrain and building structure)
Operational Temperature: 0 C - 55 C
Operational Humidity: 0% - 93%
Measured Temperature Range: -20 C to 100 C
Temperature Measuring Accuracy: 0,5 C (within 0 C - 55 C range)
Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 65 x 28 mm

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