Spruce WI-FI Garden Irrigation Controller Gen2


Spruce WI-FI enabled irrigation controller replaces your outdated sprinkler timer with intelligent watering that lowers your water bill by up to 60% by automatically adjusting your watering schedules based on soil moisture and real-time weather data so it waters your garden when you need it, and skips the water when you don’t.

One-button setup makes installation a breeze. Log in to the Spruce app, then select your settings based on the types of plants you have.  Spruce will schedule watering only when your lawn needs it, for as long as it needs it – automatically.

The controller can support up to 16 valves or solenoids making it ideal for all gardens no matter what size.

Simple, environmentally friendly, and cost effective.  This is an investment you will not regret.

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Product Description

Water Savings

Saving water has never been so easy. Spruce customises your garden’s watering schedule to fit your garden’s needs. Spruce uses both soil moisture sensors and weather/evapotranspiration prediction to save up to 60% of water usage compared to a conventional timer-based schedule.

Smart Scheduling

Spruce combines both real time moisture sensor data and weather predictions to automatically calculate the best schedule for your garden. Spruce Sensors are optional – if you don’t have any, Spruce will just use weather data to adjust watering.

Moisture Sensor Integration

Spruce Sensors provide soil moisture data so that it’ll water only when you need to, for as long as you need to. All, automatically.

Weather Prediction

Spruce downloads weather information for the next few days to make your water schedule as efficient as possible. Spruce optimizes your watering schedule

Landscape Type Adjustments

Different landscapes have their feeding personalities, be it short and frequent, or long and sparse. Spruce will schedule each zone accordingly.

Seasonal Adjustments

Don’t waste water in the winter – Spruce will adjust watering levels based on the time of year, automatically- season to season, week to week, and even day to day.

Manual Scheduling

Keep it old school if you want to. Start a preset schedule at the touch of a button. Great for testing your system!

Time Restrictions

Easily schedule watering around your local restrictions. Specific days, even/odd days, and specific time windows are all available.

Access via Smartphone or Tablet

Control Spruce via any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Technical Specs

  • Made in the USA
  • WiFi & 802.15.4 (Zigbee compatible) enabled
  • 16 zones
  • 2 wired sensor inputs (rain or flow sensor)
  • Valve health monitoring
  • 160mm x 160mm x 35mm
  • 6.3in x 6.3in x 1.38in

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