What can I use it for?

Smart home can be many things

A smart home or connected home can be many things, it can be a security system that alerts you to activity and lets you see what’s going on at home, it can be an energy reduction system that cuts your monthly energy bills, it can be a gardener that waters your plants only by as much as they require and at the same time a personal assistant that cools your house to your preferences and habits simply by using your voice. It can be a warning system that tells you when your bathroom is getting too damp before you get a problem. It can remember to turn the lights out when you go to bed, or leave some on when you are away and forgot to. The possibilities are endless.

Security & Prevention

Did you leave your doors unlocked? Has a window been opened or broken? Did a water heater burst? Did the smoke detector go off? Your smart devices can alert you to all of these things and immediately prevent any further damage.

  • Smart locks help you give access to service people like the housekeeper when you are not there.
  • Stop leaks before they become bigger issues by placing flood sensors in areas that are prone to leaking such as bathrooms and kitchen sinks and the system will automatically shut off the water to your home if is senses water where it does not belong.
  • When the smoke or CO sensors are triggered, an alarm will sound and you will receive notification on your phone alerting you of the danger.
  • Door and window sensors and glass-break detectors give you an extra layer of security while you are away on holiday.
  • Auto-tracking security cameras that detect sound, motion and body heat, locks in on the source and follows it. It then records footage onto the cloud.

Energy Management

We all know that homes in the GCC use up a lot of energy due to A/Cs that are set to one temperature, water heaters that are on 24/7 (making up as much as 70 percent of your electricity bill). What you probably did not know is how easy and affordable it is to make your home more energy efficient. In fact by using smart thermostats such as Nest or Ecobee that switch off when no one is home you can cut your energy consumption by 30% – 50%. Why choose between comfort and saving when you can have both!

  • A smart thermostat regulates the temperature in the house based on your family’s schedule, turning the air down while you are away and turning it back up before you get home
  • Use energy usage statistics to identify the energy guzzlers within your home and have them switch off automatically
  • Cut your utility bills by setting your appliances to go off when you leave the house or turn off lights when there is enough ambient light
  • Take out the stress of restricting kids access to Xboxes and TVs to specific times during the week by using smart plugs or relays that turn any regular outlet into one that can be controlled through the App.

Convenience & Lighting

With our systems you can programme and control lighting, home appliances, curtains, home entertainment systems…in fact almost anything in your home, from a single App.

Smart LED light bulbs do not just look great. They are practical too and screw straight into your current light fittings. They can deliver every colour in the spectrum according to your mood and also switch off when the kids go to sleep. You can also simply turn any light fixture that you have in the house in a smart one by connecting it to a simple smart dimmer.

  • Make the perfect ambiance in every room. Set the mood for special events such as when you have guests over for dinner or on movie nights.
  • Make any lamp remote controllable by simply plugging it into a smart plug or installing a dimmer at the mains. Presto – smart lighting!
  • Easily replace your existing ‘dumb’ wall switches with smart ones that can be controlled and automated from anywhere
  • If you are not home, turning the lights on in the evenings can make it seem like you are still there.
  • Integrate your devices to your favourite voice control assistant and then control them all by the power of your voice.


Save water, come rain or shine

If you are lucky to have a garden you will know just how expensive it is to water especially in the hot summer months. Reason? you are probably wasting gallons of water by overwatering plants using conventional timer-based schedule.

The system we offer uses a combination of wireless smart soil moisture sensors, weather data and information on types of plants you have to determine the optimal times and duration for watering, and implement them automatically. The result, you save up to 60% on irrigation cost while keeping your lawn lush and green.

Installation of the wifi-based system is an easy process as the it simply replaces your current timer-based controller. That said, you can always opt for our professional installation service that offers complete peace of mind.

  • Watering schedules and duration are adjusted based on real-time soil moisture levels, type of plants and weather prediction so it only waters your garden when and for as long it needs it
  • The Spruce irrigation system can support multi irrigation zones linked to solenoids. Each irrigation zone can have unique settings allowing your garden to be comprehensively controlled depending on specific type of plants.
  • Automatic seasonal adjustments so you do not waste water in winter.

Automation For Offices

Adding automation to an existing office is surprisingly affordable, simple and can easily be installed by business owners.

The system can help owners protect their business and cut down on energy consumption. The system can be used to programme AC temperatures based on office timings or switch off lights automatically after hours when no motion is detected. Smart security cameras linked to motion, contact and smoke alarm sensors are also an affordable alternative to costly security guards or monitoring services. Remote access control can also be used to unlock the office door to let employees or record attendance.

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