Why HomeIQ

All the benefits of smart home at a fraction of the cost

No drilling, no wiring or site inspection

You probably heard of smart home, connected home or home automation, the  system that allows you to control your home from a single device. For years though, while these systems were ‘cool’ to have, they were expensive to install and complicated to run. HomeIQ is different, we partner with some of the leading smart home brands to deliver smart devices that are affordable, easy to use and deliver everyday benefits and savings for everyday people.

Easy to use wireless technology

Our smart devices use Wi-Fi technology that allow you to see and control just about anything in your home from anywhere in the world using a smart phone App. And because they are open source, they can easily be integrated with your favourite voice controlled speaker such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. 

Delivers real cost savings and pays for itself in no time

Our connected home devices go beyond making your house cool, they delivers real cost savings by cutting your water and electricity bills by up to 40%. How? By automatically switching off your AC when there is no one home, and linking your garden sprinklers to wireless soil sensors so it only uses the water that the plants need. It can also help prevent danger and disasters and do away with the need for home content insurance by shutting down the water mains when a water pipe bursts and alerting you when a smoke detector goes off.

Once you experience a connected home, you will wonder how you ever did without it.

Why pay high monthly costs for advanced home security when you do not have to. Our security devices will alert you to any intruder lurking outside your home and can identify an object from a person. Our security cameras come with built in facial recognition that helps you keep an eye on loved ones, or remotely unlock a door so that cleaning services staff can get in while you are out.

At HomeIQ, we do not believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach and each system can be as simple or sophisticated as you choose it to be. So unlike the big guys, you only pay for what you need and there are no monthly fees.

Cost effective professional installation service

Our simple to use website uses simple intuitive steps to match products based on your needs, type of home you live in and automatically configures cost of installation. You could also choose to to start with one or two devices to get you comfortable with the technology and add additional devices and sensors as you go along.

And if you are still not sure you can put it all together, worry not. We offer a cost effective professional installation service in Dubai, which you can simply include with your online purchase.

You don’t have to be a homeowner either to enjoy the security and savings of a connected home. All components are portable, so if you decide to move, they can easily move with you. We are great for renters, homeowners, and perfect for second homes and vacation properties too.

No specialised tools or technical expertise required